Soul Eater

Soul Eater is a monthly ongoing manga created by Okubo Atsushi and featured in Shounen Gan Gan. It stars three students from Shibusen (Death City) who attend a special weapons school in order to turn their weapons into Death Scythes by collecting 99 souls and one soul of a witch. Along the way with their studying, they are forced to protect their school and home from various villains who wish to summon kishin otherwise known as "Death Gods."

Dr. Franken Stein

SteinBased upon the doctor as well as the monster from Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, Dr. Stein first appears in Soul Eater as a possible antagonist who changes one of the teachers into a zombie. In the past, he was the most powerful meister to ever graduate from Shibusen and was Death Scythe's first meister before Maka's mother and the Shinigami.

His most distinguishing feature is the bolt that goes through his head, which he turns so he will focus on the matter at hand. He also has stitches all over his body and his clothes. He has a disturbing hobby of wanting to dissect everything that interests him, especially his enemies such as Medusa because he views them, as well as everything else in the world, as experiments. He even experimented on Death Scythe when they were partners, which traumatized him.

It is not exaggerated when it is said that he is a strong fighter. Stein's soul wavelength is so high that he does not need a weapon and can channel it through his body like an electric current. He even took down Black Star while seated in his chair.

After the incident with Medusa, Stein mentions that the revived kishin brings out the insanity in everyone. To someone who is already greatly insane, this could mean Stein's madness will overtake him. This is when Marie is assigned to be Stein's new assistant as her soul wavelength calms his insanity. However, Medusa instructed Chrona to slip a snake into Marie's coffee, which increases Stein's insanity and renders him weak and unable to fight. He is slowly losing the battle and is very aware he is soon to be consumed by his own mind.

Death Scythe

SpiritDeath Scythe is the Shinigami's current weapon and the father of one of the main characters, Maka. He was formerly known as Spirit and only a few people still refer to him by this name, including Stein, which insinuates their relationship was close in the past.

Death Scythe is overly protective of Maka and his attempts to become close to his daughter usually blow up in his face, which adds comedy to the series. Maka's mother divorced him due to the fact he constantly flirts with other women. Despite his flirtatious nature, he is still loyal to his ex-wife and daughter. He will go around proclaiming how much he loves both of them and he becomes very sad when Maka rejects him.

In the past, Death Scythe used to be the weapon of Stein before he became the weapon of the Shinigami. It wasn't until years later, because of the help from Maka's mother, that Death Scythe realized that Stein was conducting experiments on him. He still has nightmares about Stein dissecting him and when Stein first returned to Shibusen, Death Scythe was scared to death of running into him.

Though he still has reservations towards Stein, Death Scythe has once again partnered up with him to fight against the witch Medusa and make a formidable team. Despite the past, Death Scythe believes Stein to be innocent when he is convicted of murder and he helps him escape to find the real killer.

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